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How is Atlas Chiropractic different?

We are an educational and revolutionary chiropractic program based around the critical importance of the atlas(C1) bone alignment in relationship to dis-ease, health and wellbeing.

Atlas Chiropractic - How we got here!

Atlas chiropractic is the result of myself fracturing my spine in 3 places 35 years ago. I found myself in a desperate search for answers as to why my health and life was left in turmoil after the fractures had healed, and why I was struggling to get any significant relief from the wide variety of health care services I attended. It is because of this personal journey we have now been privileged for the last 21 years, to be sharing the Atlas Orthogonal Program to help others in the same way this program helped me. We continue to strive, to improve the results for our patients as we further develop self- help and maintenance programs, empowering patients with education and health strategies to support their Atlas Chiropractic Program.

So, What Is The Atlas and What Happens?

First consider the primary purpose of the spine is simply to hold up the weight (approx.

5kg) of the head. The atlas, C1 is the first bone of the spine on which the head sits and is unique, because it is freely movable to allow the head to have its range of motion.

Whilst also forming the entry point for the brain to extend down thru the spine. It is

here that it is most common that the integrity of the atlas may be misaligned thru any of life’s traumas, knocks, and stresses. If the atlas is out of alignment, simply now means the weight of the head has moved away from the center of gravity and the spine now automatically, as a reflex, compensates. The second purpose of the spine is to protect and carry the extension of the brain stem, the spinal cord and nerves to every cell

in the body. If the atlas is misaligned, the spine automatically compensates, the nervous

system is then compromised and dis-ease may result. We are much like wheels on a car, if the wheel alignment is out, the tyres, aka, joints and discs wear out quicker over time, and health declines. Because of this, I believe that even most low back problems may be a chronic result of an atlas misalignment at the other end of the spine.

Is My Atlas "Out"?

The Atlas Orthogonal Program

I think my atlas might be misaligned, what do I do?

1. Educational Complimentary Visit, and have your atlas checked for alignment. This is for us to assess if we feel we can assist you and enable you to make an informed choice.

2. Case history, upper cervical chiropractic examination. Upper Cervical Xray series are taken to further asses cervical health, safety to adjust and measure in detail the alignment of the atlas in relationship to the cranium and the spine. Xray analysis.

3. Thorough Report of Findings given to you explaining in detail the findings and the following treatment plan. Questions answered. Informed choice and consent to continue treatment.

4. A scanning palpation and leg length analysis is recorded before the treatment. Then the patient is set up on a highly specialised table called a Atlas Orthogonal Adjusting Instrument and adjusted precisely according to the measurements from the xrays. Patient is checked again for significant improvements as a result of atlas alignment. The full spine is also then examined and gently treated as to assist the body towards its naturally realigning state.

5. Follow up care plan, (The Road To Recovery), self-help education, and maintenance program are discussed to improve results for each client.

The Dis-Ease Cycle.

Why We Lose Our Health, including atlas misalignment?

"The body doesn't need any help, just needs no interference"


Simply Stress. The diagram says it all. In college we learnt there were three categorical stresses that lead away from health to disease. We call them the three T’s. Thoughts, (emotional stress), Toxins, (chemical stress) and Trauma, (Physical stress). When you stop to think about it, I think you will find that most people today have a combination of all 3 playing out in our lives. We have now also, separated a fourth stress, the new kid on the block, that is fast taking a toll on our health. Technology (Postural stress). So now we have the Four T’s of Disease! Once we understand this simple logic of what takes away our health, we can then formulate a plan to restore our health. The more we understand this, the better the body will maintain your atlas alignment.

“The body can revive itself if you do what gives health and stop doing what takes health away”! Darren Scheuner D.C.

Self-Help, Education & Maintenance a “KEY”.

“Man’s rise and fall has been a measure of his ability to learn and obey Natures laws of life.”

-Dr. Weston A Price

Over the last 22 years, as Atlas Chiropractic strived to deliver better health outcomes, we have come to understand every patient is different. However, there is a set of fundamental, foundational natural laws that equally apply to us all, that determine the level of health outcomes. This, we have come to believe is dependent on the level of, self-help, education, and maintenance that each person formulates in their own lives. It’s like each person needs to build their own personal health care tool kit based around this fundamental law according to their own unique circumstances, taking control and responsibility of your own health. The chiropractors and other health care practitioners then become just a part of your own personal health care tool kit and plan, ultimately, aiming for wholistic, balanced, SYNERGY of the parts that then delivers your health goals.

Based around this thinking, we have had the joy of seeing people benefit from programs we have been developing to assist in the education of clients to restore their knowledge of their power they possess to maximize their own healing and life potential.

ReBlok - Is a program based around chiropractic, Buteyko breathing, mind body techniques, nature, posture retraining, and combining the

knowledge of great health thinkers of the past. This wisdom is simply integrated into a simple 10-minute time out, to realign, restore and

recharge you at least once a day, letting the profound combined SYNERGY work its magic in you.

Atlas Posture Program. - Posture is a major issue increasingly impacting the health of young and old. There is still much confusion as to

how to affectively address this major growing problem in today’s modern world. Thru years of trial and observation, we have simplified an

approach that has been proving to be extremely affective in improving the posture habit, and help you help your family with this issue

affecting us all.

Restoring Nature, Restoring You, is an educational and self-help program beautifully simplified and explained in a diagram linking the main foundational elements of health. Breathing, Food/Nutrition, Movement and Nature are the main categories that are then further broken down into key sub-categories. It is understanding the balanced synergy of these parts that provide the foundation on which all health and healing is built. Once you see this system in action, you will be empowered and simply be able to formulate your own personal health care plan, with great understanding. I believe the power of this program will further guide people to understand their bigger purpose and live a more fulfilling life.

Supporting Services - In support of our health programs, we are very fortunate to have Leonie with 16 years naturopathic experience and Cathy, a passionate Buyteko Breathing Coach both working from our clinic to enhance the wholistic health care approach and service for our clients. Leonie has a passion for utilizing live cell blood analysis putting your health under the microscope. Cathy utilizes unique bio feedback technology called a capno trainer, to visually measure your breathing and then used as a guide to restore your breathing habit to maximise life.


“What U Think, U Become, What U Feel, U Attract, What U Imagine, U Create.”

Montel Williams Show - Atlas Orthogonal Care

Upper Cervical Chiropractic on "The Doctoers"

NBC News Migraine/Headache Relief

Dr. Ryan Alter

CBS News Migraine/Headache Relief

Dr. Ryan Alter

How the Atlas Orthogonal Instrument Works

Atlas Orthogonal Procedure

Complimentary Consultation

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Montel Williams Show - Atlas Orthogonal Care

Upper Cervical Chiropractic on "The Doctors

NBC News Migraine/Headache Relief Dr. Ryan Alter

CBS News Migraine/Headache Relief Dr. Ryan Alter

How the Atlas Orthogonal Instrument Works

Atlas Orthogonal Procedure

The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.

Thomas A. Edison

I believe this integrated system will take its place among the greatest medical breakthroughs of our time. As a dentist specializing in TMJ, head, neck and facial pain, I have come to realize the importance of integrating the Atlas Orthogonal Technique in the treatment of patients with structural distortions…

Dr. Gerald Smith

I whole-heartedly endorse this diagnostic and treatment method" "As a medical doctor with thirty-five years of clinical experience, I feel that most patients with acute and chronic neck pain or headaches should be considered for Atlas Orthogonal treatment.

Dr. Stanley H. Block

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At Atlas Chiropractic, we have attracted clients from all over Australia and abroad, of all ages, because of our Chiropractors revolutionary, unique focus on Upper Cervical Chiropractic here at our Gold Coast office.

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