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Buteyko Breathing

Revive with Buteyko Breathing

At Atlas Chiropractic on the Gold Coast, it is our intention to offer a service that looks at addressing the main life giving factors determining our health and well being to help our clients achieve optimum results.

Chiropractic recognizes that it is essential to have a proper functioning nervous system to allow life to fully flow through the body. But we also recognize the critical importance on the way we breathe and its impact on the function and health of our body from second to second. You will be simply amazed about how powerful and how terribly overlooked such a simple bit of knowledge can change a life. Again the common question asked is, HOW COME NOBODY TOLD ME THIS BEFORE?

This may seem at first a little strange, but I often ask, Do you know how to breathe?

Most people respond as if I am crazy Of course I breathe. But then I ask But do you know HOW to breathe?? Most people cannot answer with confidence.

Breathing is the most fundamental process keeping us alive, yet strangely, very few people know how to breathe, crazy when you think about it!

You can last five weeks without food, five days without water and only five minutes without breathing. Every physiology textbook, explains that there are certain requirements that are necessary for human life that must be met by the way we breathe. If we do not breathe to meet these requirements we put a major stress on the body.

This may look like asthma, anxiety, bed-wetting, sleep apnea and chronic fatigue, even high blood pressure. There is really not a cell in the body that is not reliant on every breath we take.

Part 1 – One of the greatest healing discoveries ever made!

Part 2 – This is a must see! you will simply ask, “how come nobody has ever told me this before”?

Part 3 – We all should pay respects to this mighty dr who stood for truth and doing what is right for mankind

Change Your Breathing and You Can Change Your Life

Atlas Chiropractic at Varsity Lakes offers a powerful re-education program based on the proven Buteyko Institute Method. It is supported by medical Capno training technology which precisely monitors and assists the change in your breathing behaviour, ensuring optimum breathing habits for health and well being.

Capno-breathing technology allows real time breathing assessment giving the vital levels and characteristics of your breathing behaviour and comparing yours to the normal levels. Furthermore this technology allows us to monitor how to restore your breathing behaviour towards normal as you apply the proven Buteyko program and feel the amazing health benefits related to this.

How is your breathing?? Yours, or your family’s health depends on every breath that is taken. We invite you to a COMPLIMENTARY breathing assessment. It may well change your life!

Imagine now if you were able to not only improve poor breathing behaviour, but, improve dietary habits, maintain adequate water intake, manage stress and have adequate rest. You see there are a different areas of health that are simply essential. If we fall short in any of these areas, it puts a stress on the body and may eventually appear as a condition or dis-ease. Check out our free ebook, 9 fundamentals of Health.

“The body can revive itself if you do what gives health and stop doing what takes health away”!

Darren Scheuner D.C.

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